There aren’t many people who stay don’t stay on campus, but this is a case for some, for various reasons; whether it be to stay with their parents or the fact that they love their city. It doesn’t mean that these people lack independence. Whatever the reason may be, it is a perfectly viable option.

If you happen to be in this situation or are thinking of it being of potential to you, then here are some tips worthy of knowing..

Make sure you still have a place to study.

You may want to study at uni if it’s close enough, it’s always nice to have that option, but won’t help for those late nights completing assignments. If you live with your parents, being under one roof can cause some friction at times, having your own space like your bedroom is helpful, but make sure to have a dedicated study space…it will do you wonders.

Budget, budget, budget

Seriously, we can’t stress this enough! You’ve probably heard it 1001 times already,  for those of you who don’t live on campus – this is a must. Not only do you get slightly less money if you’re living at home (this doesn’t apply if you live on your own), but you have to travel to and from uni every day, which can get quite costly. Be sure to manage your finances accordingly.

Remember to buy your food and drink for the day before you arrive at uni, campus food can get quite expensive – plus you have the advantage of popping into cheaper shops on your commute.

Complete your commute with ease.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean learn the timetables for the bus or train (although it would help), this means that because you don’t have the joy of rolling out of bed into lectures, you want your commute to go smoothly instead of the usual stressful rush, resulting in…you guessed it, being late.

Make your coffee to go. Perhaps purchase a filter coffee machine and a thermos or tumbler.

Have a big enough bag to store everything the day may bring – suggested is a backpack or large tote bag. In your bag keep a jumper or windbreaker in case of sudden weather changes, tissues, a mirror and charger. Anything else essential you need is down to you to remember.

Get a cold breakfast to eat on the bus, yes the bus. It’s better than completely skipping it, if you’re that worried, sit at the back.

Pay to travel for the whole year

If you top up a travelcard to cover the cost of travel for the entire academic year, then if you suddenly run out of money, there will still be a means of travel so you won’t be missing those oh so important lectures.



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