Want to wear a suit but don’t know how to wear it? A common problem amongst women is that there are several occasions where we want to wear a suit: night outs, to work, summer days…just what exactly are you supposed to match together to make that perfect outfit.


1) Crop It

Cropped trousers, cropped top, it’s your choice how you wear it. Regardless of what you choose here, it adds a whole bunch of personality to your outfit. A cropped pair of trousers gives you multiple footwear options to finish it off: sneakers, sandals, even boots! Perfect for all occasions.

2) Go Oversized

Women already have a lot of fashion choices inspired by men. From baggy boyfriend jeans to oversized hoodies…why not add blazers to the list. Opting for an oversized blazer will make your outfit look super cute. That 80s like boxy silhouette and shoulders, will look like you took them straight from your boyfriends’ wardrobe.

3) Big and Bold

Don’t be afraid to wear that bold pink or red, or those blocky unique colours and patterns – for the entire suit that it. Bold colours make you feel confident, throw on a bit of lippy and you’ll be well on your way!

4) Shorten Things Up a Bit

We’re not talking cropped, or wearing a short blazer. We are on about rocking that skirt you’ve been wanting to for ages, or a matching pair of shorts. Adapting the 90s fashion, who didn’t enjoy that era anyway?

5) Add a Belt Bag

Why not incorporate the latest fashion trends and kill two birds with one stone? Adding a belt bag to your outfit not only ties in with the fashion of bum bags, but also shows off your gorgeous silhouette. (If you opt to carry a clutch bag, then perhaps try a belted suit).

6) Wear it With a Turtleneck

Layering your suit with a turtleneck is both sophisticated and cute. It’s the perfect addition for various occasions and seasons.

7) Simplify and Accessorise

A couple of elegant accessories adds that little something you’ve been looking for. A nice pair of sunglasses, a cute hair and, a simple pair of sandals, a small gold pendant or bracelet…you get the idea. A little goes a long way!


Women don’t have to wear the typical and traditional blazer and knee-length suit, were able to mix things up a little if we want to

Oversized suit
Go Oversized
Cropped trouser suit


Crop It
Big and bold blue suit


Big and Bold
Belted suit


Belted suit
Belt bag for best of both fashion senses


Add a belt bag


Wear it with a Turtleneck


  1. I love suits, especially when I want to feel very formal at work. Oooh, I like the idea of a belt bag! It is a big plus to the overall outfit. The turtleneck combo is perfect for those cooler days! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. I love the look of suits, but don’t wear them very often as my workplace is so casual. These are great ideas for dressing up just a little, while still enjoying a comfortable & casual style. The photos you’ve included for each suggestion on how to dress down a suit are fantastic! Every single one does look smart & stylish, and I definitely feel inspired to up my game at work!

  3. Great post. I like point number 3 to wear bold colors. At one point, I know I was kind of shy to wear bold colors but now, it is ok to wear them especially for work wear as well as to accessorize the outfit to complete the look.

  4. Gahhh, I love the look of suits on women. I just feel like I often see it on slim and tall silhouettes which is so far from what I am. I do admire from afar and maybe will get one for myself someday soon.

  5. I wish I had a reason to buy a suit! I work in a very laid back office which is great most of the time; however, it would be nice to be able to dress up nicely. Perhaps on my next job, I’ll be able to and then I’ll have a suit to dress down! lol Great tips!


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