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Preparing a meal to a great standard is an art, one which many chefs have perfected. They take pride in what they do, they enjoy it, and they are good at it after all. However, it is down to the food critic to decide whether it truly deserves recognistion.


Depending on where you go, treating yourself to a meal out can be expensive. Say you decide to travel for a bit and splurge on the food, imagine how disheartened you would be if it didn’t live up to your expectations. 


Food critics, such as Jay Rayner, do this for us. Reviews from customers display a personal opinion which is bias, whereas a food critic knows their food (and eats a lot of it). It is also their job to be completely honest, although this can sometimes come across quite harsh.

Chefs work so hard to do what they love, however, food critics are just doing their jobs. If is a critic doesn’t like the food that they have been served, they’re not afraid to say so. However, this can make the critic look cruel and careless, when in reality, they’re just telling the truth. 

What may be a highly rated restaurant, enjoyed by lots of people, is given a bad review by the critic – makes those people who support the quality of food, dislike the critic. 

Restaurant critic, Giles Coren, expresses how chefs usually take a ridiculous amount of the time in preparing the food, as they want the presentation to be on point. However, this service (which isn’t the case all the time, it’s only because they want to impress), frustrates the critic, and is something to be taken into consideration when writing a review. 

Restaurant critics are only doing everyone a favour, by telling us the things that we would only end up finding out ourselves.

Now we are no food critics, nor chefs, here at The Perspective. But we do have a handy how to guide for those living on instant noodles, or cheap unsubstantial food. Be sure to read it!: https://the-perspective.co.uk/how-to-live-on-more-than-instant-noodles/


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