Want to know about The Perspective, and where/ why it all began? Be sure to read on

Hear from the author, Samantha… Originally a Londoner, I moved to the green streets of Leeds 5 years ago. Continuing my education here I am now studying for a degree in Journalism. Not usually one to share my opinion much, I have found that when I do, some people genuinely agree with me.

Whilst studying I’ve learned how to write in many forms for different purposes, however developing my own style and opinions, I want to share that with the world. As a young female, I feel like it is my place to.

Scouring the internet, noticing contradicting stories and views, this site will show you another perspective, the perspective which people don’t always want to admit to.

There is always another side, another story. To view the world in another way, you’ve found the place.

A lot to say on everyday topics -let’s say lifestyle- this site will also share easy recipes, and features.


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